Dentist soup

Me: You want to get take out?
My husband: I don’t need to.
Me: (in my mind) WHY NOT?

My husband: (exit)

He took Ferdinand to the dentist, and only in NYC I bet do they make dentist appt’s at 6:45 pm which means when they get home there’s no time for take out.

Who can’t eat beans even after dentil work? I opened a can of cannellini and gave them a solid rinse. I thought about cannellini, roasted pumpkin, red peppers and avocado tacos and cannellini w/baby arugula leaves, red onion, paremsan and pignoli and decided to cook an onion. I sauteed it w/some teeny potatoes from the farmers’ market, salt, pepper and thyme sprigs and then added some homemade chicken stock. I thought I might go French. I added a leek, a celery piece, a bay leaf and a few parsley sprigs, more stock and rice. And a drizzle of olive oil that tastes like blades of grass and artichokes. I added a bit more salt and pepper and covered it until the rice was tender. On the side: asparagus w/fried basil and whole cloves of garlic and on top of the beans for zip and zest: a gremolata. Raw garlic would have been good but every so slightly caramelized slivers of garlic would be heaven mixed with toasted breadcrumbs, fresh lemon zest and chopped parsley, rosemary and a wee bit more olive oil. Serve with a chunk of hard cheese on the side for grating.

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