Dinner w/the kids

Why we do the things we do has as many layers as the earth’s crust.
Most parents say they want to eat dinner with their kids, but what can feel
like the truth isn’t actually the truth or at least not all the time.
Inviting kids to dinner can feel necessary, since they are your kids, but
on a lot nights it might be nicer to have someone to the table who said
“Fine thank you,” along with a few choice tidbits when you asked them how
their day was instead of, “Why are you asking me??!!!”
Or a guest that at the first smell of dinner cooking comes into the kitchen
and asks, “anything I can do?” instead of “Oh my God I hate that! are you
going to make me eat that? I can,t eat that!”
We love our new guests, we would throw ourselves into oncoming traffic to
save our new guests, but they might keep us late at the office without
realizing how many times a week we,re late or make us professionals at
making dinner, getting it on the table and clearing it up in under half an
hour without asking/wanting help, thank you very much, because

Dinner w/ the Kids

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