Doctor got you down?

In my house, if you go to the doctor and they give you four shots, you can eat whatever you want. Ferd got a massive black and white cookie, he is planning on an ice cream pop when his show is over, and he is having popcorn and hotdogs for dinner.

To prepare myself for being the mother of the shot receivee, I went shopping with one of my best friends, and out for my favorite cup of coffee in New York City at Taza d’Oro, (still only $1.00), and then onto Chelsea Market because A. they had never been there, and you have to go, and B. I needed to eat whatever I wanted.

We got sticky buns, corn yeastbread twists with fennel and golden raisins, quiche with wilted spinach, blueberry muffins and hot chocolate. Later on we got a purple cupcake with no less than three inches of frosting. Yes maam. And it was all sooo good. I don’t care what people say about sugar and how many years it’s going to take off your life. I love it, and it does the job I need it to do.

For dinner, while Ferd eats his dogs, I’m going to have buckwheat noodles to pay my sugar debts. Once your head is healed from the cake, your stomach will love the buckwheat. I marinate the tofu in a good spill of soy sauce, a few Tablespoons of honey, some orange juice, some lemon zest, fresh garlic cloves, fresh ginger, sliced up without even peeling it, and cilantro leaves. (Add a little sesame oil if you have it.) Heat up a heavy saute pan with olive oil, and throw in a few cloves of minced garlic, and about two inches of ginger, along with a teaspoon of crushed coriander. Add the tofu, (cut in cubes) and don’t move it until it is golden.
Meanwhile, get your noodles cooking in salted water, and when they are still really al dente, drain them and toss with the tofu. Stir in a little chili and garlic sauce if you like it spicy, and wilt some baby dark greens in the saute pan to add as well.
Serve them with corn on the cob and cucumber with a little sugar and rice vinegar.

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