Don’t anybody say anything bad about peanut butter and bacon

The first day back in America I say eat American.  Nothing wrong with peanut butter and crispy strips of bacon sandwiches on toasted German sourdough wheat and Waldorf salad on the side.  You know how to make peanut butter and bacon, and for the Waldorf, cut up a few crisp red apples into bite size pieces, leaving the skins on, and mix with a quarter cup of lightly toasted walnuts and the same of raisins, a quarter cup of chopped celery, a few tablespoons of diced (new and small) red onion, a spoonful of mayonnaise, and about half that of whole milk yogurt.  Season with kosher salt, black pepper, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and more of whatever you think is missing.

Serve it with chocolate pudding cake for dessert; the one where you mix the cake batter and then pour hot water (or hot coffee) over the whole thing and like magic it comes out half cake and half creamy pudding and begging for whipped cream.   I have the recipe, but I can’t find it and trying to remember where it is when you get off a plane is like trying to eat jell-o with your hands.

I have great hopes for recovery.

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