Don’t try to hide it

My grandmother used to try and hide the onions in her meatloaf by chopping them up to a size small enough for an ant to eat without chewing. My cousin Lisa would find every one of them and build them neatly into a pile on the edge of her plate. Why lie? If somebody doesn’t like something, they are not going to like it more because it’s smaller. I don’t like onions in meatloaf either, if they are raw. The trick is, to make the thing taste good. Dice the onion into tiny bits, and then saute it in the best olive oil that you have along with a little salt over low heat, until the onions are completely soft and barely caramelized. Now they are good.
The same with tofu. I am so not interested in tofu lasagna. Lasagna was not meant for tofu, and you can’t hide it in there without getting caught out. I understand not eating cheese, but tofu is not cheese, and will never be cheese. Feature the tofu. Sear it in olive oil with a little salt, minced fresh garlic and some fresh thyme. Without moving it around in the pan, saute it over medium to high heat until it has plenty of color. Do the garlic first until it is golden, then get it out of the pan before you put the tofu in, so it doesn’t burn. When the flame is off, mix the tofu together with the garlic, along with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Taste again for salt. Cook any Asian style noodle until it is still a little firm. Drain. Drizzle with olive oil, a little more lime, and sprinkle with toasted and crushed fennel and coriander seeds. Toss with the tofu. If you like it spicy, add some red pepper flakes, or a few drops of chili garlic sauce and some diced green onion.

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