Drink to make it better

So many things started going wrong yesterday, I felt like crawling into a cement hole with no address, and when it gets that bad, and it’s already hot, it can be hard to make yourself eat, much less cook. But you have to eat. Even if you don’t cook, you have to eat. Try to at least assemble. You can make yourself a salad of steamed broccoli with a gorgeous olive oil, black olives and tiny grape tomatoes to eat with crusty bread, or if you have been left without the energy to even chew, have a smoothie. Buy a bunch of really ripe fruit, which is easy to do in the summer–bananas, strawberries, blueberries and peaches–and throw them all into the freezer, washing the berries and peaches first. When you are ready for your drink, cut a banana into the food processor with a spill of orange juice, a handful of strawberries (without the hull), a few blueberries, and a little peach, or any combination. Whir it up with some plain yogurt until it is smooth. Then take a cool shower, be sure the sheets on your bed are brand new clean, and try again tomorrow.

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