Easter Dinner

I like to plan around Easter candy. Why stress about what to make when you can just put a few big baskets of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans on the table? Only kidding. Hard boiled eggs and toast? Only kidding.

Asparagus Carabonara (9 ounces of pasta, 1 big handful of grana padano (parmesan) 9 egg yolks whisked together with a few spoons of heavy cream and a spoon of hot pasta water to temper it so it doesn’t scramble. Add salt and pepper.
Saute the asparagus in garlic, salt and pepper. Dump the hot pasta immediately into the bowl of eggs and stir with vigor. Rip in leaves of fresh basil and taste for salt, pepper and cheese.

Grilled lamb chops (just season with salt, grill til pink, and off the grill a drizzle of olive oil and squeeze of lemon.)

Roasted grape tomatoes

Salad of big garlic croutons that you make from day old baguette, olive oil garlic and salt in the frying pan or oven, tossed with nicoise olives and baby arugula leaves

Fennel gratin (just slice and season the fennel and set into a buttered dish. Cover with a pour of heavy cream and bake covered at 350 until soft.

For dessert a lemon tart (make a shortbread crust and a lemon curd. Bake the crust, make the curd, then pour the curd onto the baked crust and stick it in the oven for 3 minutes. Serve with raspberries and that have been tossed with sugar that has a little lemon zest added to it.

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