Easy-peasy, and keep it coming.

Oh my God, it’s too hot to cook.  Never too hot to eat though.  I’m making a grandma special tonight, and it’s called “MAKE YOUR OWN SANDWICHES, ‘CAUSE I’M HOT.  How about ham and cheese with mustard, mayo, sour pickle, pimento, red onions and green olives?  Or sliced boiled egg with a curry mayo, sliced (steamed and dressed) string beans and shallot?  Or just sausage on grilled bread, brushed with olive oil with a side salad of cucumber, tomato and radish with plenty of salt, pepper and flat leaf parsley?

For dessert, ripe peaches and cherries already pitted in a bowl with another bowl alongside of whipped cream

(or if we’re going to make it true grandma style, it has to be cool whip)

Another sure bet to give it that grandma flavor is to keep asking yourself (and others) if you want some more.

One thought on “Easy-peasy, and keep it coming.

  1. Kind of reminds me of my son’s favorite sandwich when he was young. Such a picky eater, when I would ask him what he wanted to eat, he would say “nothing”. So I would make him nothing sandwiches – two pieces of fresh rye bread, lettuce and mustard. He loved it!

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