Eat Cheap

If it were feeling left out of the loop before, my credit card is in full demand and feeling really good right now. It is no longer living a dull, dark life next to the scissors in the junk drawer, and instead is the life of the party. It feels the love at the grocery store, at the back to school store, and even enjoys a quick swipe through the metrocard machines.
Mama has got to cut back. However, I refuse to believe that eating well and spending less is an oxymoron, and so I am dedicating this week to prove my point.
Here is what I am trying:
Drink less juice and more water. No more soda. Carbonation inhibits the absorbtion of nutrients anyway, so I’m doing myself a favor. Cut meat portions in half. The average American portion is 6 ounces or it just doesn’t look right. I am going to try for 3. Use more beans, (inspiration for investigating international recipes). Instead of buying potato chips and Veggie Booty, I am going to make my own popcorn. I buy a baguette every morning. The second half often gets forgotten until I either throw it away, or keep it as a potential bat. Slice up yesterday’s bread pretty thinly, and bake in the oven once the oven after roasting a turkey or making cookies (to save energy). Drizzle with olive oil and a dust of parmesan and bake til crisp. I love, love, love really good ice cream and I eat it every single day. It costs 4.99 a pint. I am reserving it for Fridays. I was born with the cholesterol of a smoking 80 year old man that moves himself from his bed to the couch and back; it won’t hurt me.
I am buying a goat and I am going to keep it in the backyard for milk and cheese. (only kidding)

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