Eat your eggs

OK, so here is how to make an omelette. Nothing is faster, and if you serve it with a really good piece of French cheese, French baguette and field greens, you have a gorgeous meal. Heat up a 6 inch heavy saute pan over a high flame. High. Mix two to three eggs together in a little bowl with a pinch of salt just until they are mixed through. When you are ready, melt about a Tablespoon of butter, and when it stops talking to you, the pan is ready for the egg. Pour in the whole thing at once, and right away, start shaking the pan towards you in quick thrusts. Now is going to take practice. Could you kiss the first time out? No. So don’t expect miracles if you have never made an omelette before, and the worst thing that’s going to happen is, you crack a few more eggs. Keep pulling the pan towards you to move the egg, and right when the egg is almost set, still a little liquidy on top, give a really sharp tug on the pan so that the omelette folds over itself about a third of the way. Toss the omelette up a bit, to make do it’s last little flip, so that it’s folded like a letter. Now read this through a couple of times so that you know what your goal is, and then go try, because no matter how many times you read this you’re not going to get it until the pan is in your hands. As soon as the egg is flipped slide it onto a plate so that it doesn’t overcook. Now give yourself a little yeehaw! (Or wait until you get it right, and then give yourself a yeehaw.) Remember I’m on your side.
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