En route

Thank God for Pret Mange. It was like a bad reality television episode trying to get myself from Heathrow to Stansted. One train to a new terminal, another train called heathrow express (18 pounds for a five minute ride!!!,) then to Liverpool for 6pounds, the a Stansted express for 21 pounds. My plane ticket to Tours: 19 pounds. The highlight: Pret Mange. I don’t know how to spell it, but it saved me from going down. Fresh fruit is piled in bins by the entrance and sandwiches stuffed with vegetables and curly leaves of greens,made that morning are waiting for you in the cases. There are fruit drinks, vitamin and berry elixirs, nut and seed bars, salads with seafood, and happy people behind the counter. I got one of everything. I probably spent as much on my food as I did on my train fares, but it was worth it. Survival is critical for travel.
When I arrived: a slice of black bread with Brie, and then bed. for 16 hours. Breakfast with Charlie (the dog) at Pattisserie Metry in Bourgueil. the croissant was as big as my (huge) hand, tender and flaky and still warm. The cafe au lait, delicious. The handmade chocolate that comes with, so choc o late. In search one of more.

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