Fast and mini

Jonathan is working upstate for four days, so Ferdinand and I are trying to write the blog together. He says “write down ice cream and ice cream and chocolate; that’s what they can eat.” I wouldn’t mind that, except we ate that yesterday and I’ll tell you a diet rich in ice cream and chocolate did nothing to help the bloating that comes along with the heat. I suggest tapas when you are in an exclusive with a five year old. Small dishes of fresh pineapple, peanuts that have to be opened, and raisins for breakfast. For lunch, little dishes of noodles, cut up carrots, and string beans, and a dish of peanut butter for dipping. If you have it in you, you can easily stir around a little chili garlic sauce, a squeeze of fresh lime and a little soy into your own mix with a chop of cilantro and green onion. For dinner go out.

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