Faye Grinch Hess misses train

I will never be awarded Hostess with the Mostess and I wouldn’t surprised if I will never be considered even for Hostess with the Minimum. My job is to cook for people, give them what they need, make them happy, make it easy and keep them comfortable. Show up at my house though, and it’s like you knocked on the door of girl-who-missed-the-how-to entertain-train: “You can make cookies, but I can’t be a part it”, “what do you think about eggs for dinner”, “how about another sweater”, “I’m not sure the batteries are working in the air mattress”, “I might have one coffee filter”, “there is no shower curtain in that bathroom” and “we are out of chips” are all quotes I collected from my own mouth this weekend. My best friends have amazing tenacity.
I defrosted a little carrot cake, had extra biscotti from the PTA party, stirred up some rice one night and made a lentil soup for lunch. Otherwise, we depended on the charity of others at delis and restaurants. Despite me, we had a great time, trying out cranberry tarts at “how sweet it is” on the lower east side, Cuban in Little Italy, gelato at Chelsea Market, Thai at Tuk Tuk in the boroughs and a bit scary, but an experience not to be missed at Five Star for Indian with a U shaped booth and fabulous dance routines and love gone bad films during dinner.

One thought on “Faye Grinch Hess misses train

  1. It’s confirmed now.. You and I are true soul sisters – those things often come out of my mouth!!!!! I’m constantly apologizing for my inability to be Hostess with the Mostess!!!!! Friend – I am … Hostess … forget about it.. !!!!

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