Faye’s tired. Jonny’s cooking.

If you eat dinner in the square of Montone, you are guaranteed a seat for the film festival. If not, you,re on your own. We’re more of the drinks and ice cream crowd, so we came early and made fast moves on the last stack of plastic chairs. Jonathan had made a pre screening pasta and pesto with fresh tomato and mozarrella with melon for dessert. We ate and ran but it,s a hike up to Montone, and I was in my slick soled Italian shoes that are worth it once you get to the top, but aren,t popular on the way up.
It can take awhile to get a film festival started in Italy so it was eleven before everyone was properly thanked for contribution and effort, hard times were remembered, histories were retold, the key of the city was handed over to the screenwriter, his life was put into chapters and then more speeches made in two languages to an audience close to mutiny. We,ll be back tonight for more. There,s nothing like watching good movies with beer and moonlight in a medieval piazza on the top of a hill.

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