Vacation is a funny thing.
When you are used to working more hours than there are in a day, you dream about vacation, you crave vacation like sugar. You are ready for it.
Then it comes.
And you may be not so ready for it after all. Not that you don’t need the rest. You could sleep two weeks. But then after the sleep. You are rested. You get out in the hot sun with your cute suit and hat. And all of a sudden you feel like vacation is making you feel naked on the beach. It is just you. No job to do. No hours to keep. It is hard. I know; I am on vacation.
I got up at six to have coffee in the village and talk to the farmers. Met my friend for second hand stuff shopping. Had another coffee and some heart grabbing sciacciata in Arezzo. Bought 4 kinds of bread just because it looked good. And cookies. You can’t not buy cookies on vacation. Then I went back to bed. Listened to a song someone gave me, two times over. Good songs are so much better when you can listen to them over and over. Thought about dinner. Fell asleep.Had a wander to look for Yo-yo, the mini donkey. I am getting the hang of it.

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