Feeding baby

In the past month, Ferdinand has learned to ride a bicycle, to ride a scooter, and does laps daily at the pool at Mimi’s agriturismo in Mercatale; the chocolate eggs with a prize inside that he gets every morning at the bar for breakfast, or the chips with another prize inside that he gets for lunch are not enough to keep the whole thing going. On top of the energy level, I have to consider that yesterday he came up to somewhere around my knee, and when I put him to bed last night, it seemed to me that he could be at eyelevel by Friday. I think by next year, my grocery list is going to increase at least by four just to feed him, so it is time to think about saving. There is a cut that sits right above the back ribs, very tender since there is not a whole lot of muscle up there, and a good price, since it isn’t too pretty. There is a little bit of this and a little bit of that that you have to work your way around with your fork and knife, but Ferd loves it, and it takes about two minutes in a hot pan, drizzled with olive oil, salt, and a whole clove of garlic, uncut, and just for flavor. Serve it with good bread, fried in the pan and long string beans.

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