Ferdinand is 8

My mom sent Ferdinand a beautifully wrapped gift, all colored paper, squiggly colored raffia and yellow ribbon. He was incredibly impressed. This morning when he got to the breakfast table, I had my own stack of gifts waiting for him by his orange juice. “Reduce, reuse and recycle” he said. A table full of gifts and the first thing he sees is borrowed paper. It’s 007 in the mini me boy version.

For his birthday dinner he wants pizza and for drinks, fresh lemonade. My arms don’t have the squeezing strength; it was sucked out by the heat wave, so I’m buying Paul Newman pink which is nothing more than lemon juice, a little sugar, water and some grape skins for color.
Ferd designed his cake and molded a dog’s head out of plasticine and a dog bowl to go along with it for the top. It is chocolate, has 3 tiers, a whole lot of sparkles on the outside and cream on the inside.

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