First day of school

You would think that I would be distressed because the risotto I made this weekend looked like it had been sitting out and forgotten in a week’s worth of rain, before it even got in a picture. I wouldn’t allow it in a picture. Instead, I’m distressed and obsessed with the menu I got this morning at PS101 when I took Ferdinand for his first day of school. Donuts? They are going to give children donuts for the healthy start of a day? I have worked four years to get him to eat a buckwheat pancake or a bowl of whole grain cereal and they are going to end it all with donuts. It’s not that I don’t love donuts, or even that Ferdinand doesn’t eat donuts. The worst of it is, I know I’m going to have to take on the Board of Education of New York City to try and change the school menus, and how am I going to do that when my Risotto Queen Crown is dangling dangerously from my head?

For French Toast for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, use up the old fabulous bread that you have in the house. Fabulous bread is fabulous because it is made from a good quality flour, and good quality flour, even if it’s still white, has more protein than the cheap stuff. If there is even a little whole wheat flour in it, even the better. Cut off the crusts. Slice it thickly, and for every two pieces, you will need between one and two eggs, beaten well. For every egg, you will need one Tablespoon of milk and a teeny weeny pinch of salt. Soak the bread well. Melt a little butter in a warmed heavy frying pan (about a Tablespoon for every two slices of bread). Cook without disturbing on one side, and then flip. You don’t want to over cook it, just until the egg is set. Serve with cinnamon sugar, pure maple syrup, honey, or sharp cheddar cheese.

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  1. What brand of bread do you suggest? Something like the Oatnut stuff from Orowheat? or more organic type? Just curious!

    I hope they change something about the menu in your school district. I, too, have a very picky eater on my hands. Luckily she’ll eat wholewheat/wholegrain bread- so long as there are no nuts, but fruits/veggies? Forget it. *Sigh*.

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