First graders are bringing me down

I am convinced that the school lunch isn’t doing Ferdinand any favors. Mostly because he isn’t eating it. “Ferd” I said, “would you rather bring your lunch?” “Yea.” “What will you eat then?” “Two chocolate chip cookies, or you can give me chocolate milk.” “I can’t do that Ferd.” “I love potato chips.”
If he could, he would eat sliced meat, or cold cheese sandwiches like the rest of them. But they sceeve him out. He can’t eat soup, pasta, or anything rice related in a packed lunch, because he says his friends will make fun of him.
I made a gallete, filled it with peanut butter, swirled in a little nutella, and laid pretzel sticks across the top. Ferdinand gave me the two thumbs up and shoved it into his backpack. On the way home, he told me that I could only make a peanut butter, pretzel gallete again at home. “They laughed,” he said. This morning I got up to make a salad of peeled potatoes cut into tiny squares, chic peas and corn off the cob, with just a little olive oil and salt. On the side, I toasted pine nuts and pumpkin seeds. “Look Ferd”, I said, “it’s a totally normal salad.” He got all choked up and tried not to cry. “Don’t worry, I said, we’ll come up with something.”

2 thoughts on “First graders are bringing me down

  1. Poor Lovey! Your boy doesn’t need a tease-free menu — what he needs is some strategies to manage his white bread buddies. In this same struggle, my wee lad took the offensive (in both senses of the word). He insisted on the weirdest food he could find, for example, pickled squid from the italian deli, and the more octopus-looking, the better. To deflect his lunch mates’ teasing, perhaps you and Ferdinand can come up with some creative naming? That potato-chickpea-corn salad kind of sounds like it might’ve been a version of Magic Pebble Salad. Or if he’s not into the magic/wizard theme, the gross-out factor remains a winning one. Tee hee! Imagine those kids going home asking their moms to make them Lizard Gutz Galettes garnished with Bonez for their lunch, too 🙂

  2. Reminds me of the days when my son, Andrew, refused to eat anything except for “nothing sandwiches”. Whole wheat bread, mustard and lettuce. I must say, it was economical. 🙂

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