I went leaping into Fairway Market, arms wide open, running towards the produce.  I kissed the peaches, blueberries, cherries, melon, cucumbers, string beans, tiny spinach leaves, scallions, shallots and corn picked that morning and then threw them into my cart.  I bought French feta, Vermont Cheddar, local, organic milk and eggs, not local at all Parmigiano Reggiano, well fed (and at one time happy) chicken, grass fed beef, thick rolled oats, beautiful bread, and RIPE RED TOMATOES.  I would have kissed the manager, but he was already looking a little freaked out by my effervescent love for his produce.  When you really, really miss something (or somebody) there is no need for dress up.  Everything went on plates almost exactly as it was.  I boiled the corn for four minutes, pulled it out, showered it with a little sea salt and rubbed it with butter.  I dropped in the stringbeans for four minutes, drizzled them with olive oil, a little salt and a grind of black pepper.   I boiled some tiny potatoes and did the same.  I sliced up the tomatoes and gave them a tiny bit of minced shallot along with the olive oil and salt.  On the side I put a little dish of homemade mayonnaise with extra lemon and a little garlic.  On the other side, a plate of mini burgers and toasted ciabatta.  For dessert–peaches and Walker’s shortbread.

I already miss the trees and the lake and the barn and the dancing and most of all the the humans–but it’s not easy to be without my food.

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