For dinner (in)

Hidden on the top of a hill on the road to pien di Marte is Preggio. On Sunday, maybe because of the chocolate festival in Perugia, about a zillion people hit the Preggio jackpot. I have never in my leef life loaf seen so many men, women and children in a mad rush for chestnuts. Parking lots that yesterday were grazing fields were busting at the seams. Drivers were parked on both sides of the long, narrow goat path cum road to the top, their cars barely hanging on to the flat bit.
The cooks of Preggio made torta al testo stuffed with sausages, polenta with mushrooms, tagliatelle with mushrooms and cream, chestnut soup, chestnut cakes, chestnut cream and just plain roasted chestnuts until there was no more of anything. That was lunch; what they served for dinner, I don,t know. They may have closed the gates and turned off the lights.
With the chestnuts that the ladies brought back home, I am going to make a soup. Starting with a soffritto of finely minced carrot, onion, celery, garlic, rosemary and bay leaf, and when it is completely caramelized, a can of tomatoes crushed by hand, homemade vegetable stock, cannellini beans, and chestnuts. Grated Parmesan over the top and on the side, prosciutto, Swiss chard with garlic and olive oil, bread and salad. Pana Cotta for dessert.

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