For the love of chocolate

When I went to the grocery store this morning in Mercatale, Aldo was in trouble for having left cardboard cartons in his grocery cart after he left the store. Word went down the line. We agreed that certain customers have no respect, we considered how long it takes to push a cart back out the door, the responsibilities involved in owning a grocery, and no time at all on Aldo. They prefer to set Aldo straight when he’s still in the store. No sense wasting their breath. Aldo always does the shopping. He insists. His wife sits in the car and waits. The groceries are a front. He wouldn’t dare with the women of the village, but his courage is unsatiable with foreigners. I glare at the oranges and look as hostile and indifferent as possible by packs of coffee. I’m twice his size and have twice the teeth, but it makes no difference. He’s fearless. I lose him by hiding behind a massive dairy delivery. When he’s left his cart and cartons, I grab 5 dark chocolate bars, 100 g each, 250 g of butter, 5 eggs and a palm of sugar (for half a cup.) All worth it for a chocolate jonty. Melt the chocolate and butter, beat together the eggs and sugar and bake at 350 in a bagnia Maria. serve with ample amounts of softly whipped cream and berries steeped in red wine.

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