If nothing else, life is a lesson in letting go. The cold is coming in and though summer has been a welcome over extended guest, he’s walking now. We dined at the Villa la Macchia last night. To warm us through the bone, we were served sausages cooked ever so slowly with onion until they were brown and plump. Sauce was added, along with great spoonfuls of polenta. And then the delight of tuscan cheeses, a soft gorgonzola and a tile shaped stracchino, and at the end of the meal, an espresso panno cotta with a caramel sauce. Before the night was over we tasted olive oil the way it is meant to be, one that reminds you that there are gentle breezes somewhere in the world, and grass that grows from the earth, and compared it to olive oil that comes with a label and a bottle and a price.

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