Friday night

It,s misty drizzly dreamy here at Winni. The fog has settled on the lake and the water underneath is happy to be sleeping just like the rest of us. People up and dressed with coffee in their mug don’t fool me. It,s the end of the week. You don,t spend 7 days singing, barn dancing, running up and down wood chopped paths from one educational opportunity to another, swimming, keeping your kyak floating and communing, all on a single slice grilled cheese sandwich and not live in the land of tired at the end of it.
Last night the veggie was frozen spinach with a can of lentils and a can of chopped tomatoes. It was a pour and serve.
I will not miss the food. My heart is aching for a fat red orb of summer too heavy for the vine with nothing between me and it but love, olive oil and salt.
I will miss everything else.

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