Getting to know the new place

The nicest thing about going to a new place are the clean sheets. We take the laundry to Perugia, since we have no washing machine in Mercatale, and after forty five minutes in the car, Ferd has no patience for a day at the laundromat, so it is whatever you can fit into one load. We are wearing a lot of pink, and sleeping in potato chips.
I made leftovers from the leftovers last night. A little pasta with sauce heated up just til it was warm in the frying pan. Then over the top, some beaten eggs with a pinch of salt and some grated parmesan to make a frittata. For a salad, there were marinated string beans in the fridge that you can add black olives and a little chopped baby red onion to at the last minute. Cantelope with a little Proseco, mint, and lemon poured over the top for dessert.
As soon as the family wakes up we are off to Rigano to find the butcher and baker, and the way to the new house.

One thought on “Getting to know the new place

  1. Faye – Just wanted you to know that I had a dinner party for 7 the other night and I cooked the roast chicken, potato gratin and green beans all of course w/ the famous olive oil and it was a huge hit!! No leftovers and everyone wants to buy the oil! I thank you, my husband thanks you and everyone at my party thanks you!!! Penelope

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