Pork chops from the butcher Trabalza, cooked over a wood burning fire that has settled to coals and is ready to make magic of meat, is a culinary phenomenon. It is love and tenderness and warmth and nourishment and it would convince even the vegetarians among you if just for the moment. Salt them first and a dribble of the olive oil after.

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  1. How nice to read about your life here in the valley! I am Katharina, a German living here since 1978, and we know each other since you first arrived years ago, just chatting when we meet on the road.
    Reading about all the people of the valley (Trabalza, Bar Centrale, Pino etc) under totally different aspects is real fun. I am no cook (at all), though I love to eat well, but I’ll pop into your blog from time to time to see what YOU are cooking. If you want to inform yourself about totally different activities here in the valley have a look on our blog and let us know whether we can put a link to your blog on the site:

    All the best, Katharina Radetzky

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