Have soup, will travel

I promised Ferdinand that I would stay with him at school today for a little while, and after ten minutes I had a whole new appreciation for his tenacity and strength in spirit, because by the time I left there, both my tenacity and strength were snapped like dry twigs. There were two little kids, who were crying for their moms, and determined to make their moms hear them, through the rain and the highrise walls, across the avenues, over the river and into the offices of Manhattan. They wouldn’t stop. Not for hugs, not for promises of moms coming back, and not even for a picture of a very happy yellow sunshine that Ferdinand drew for each of them.
There is only one thing to eat on a day like today, and if they’d let me, I would bring it in a basket at lunch time. Cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s better than the highball I almost had without the sloppy side effects.
Finely dice half of a small onion and three cloves of garlic. Saute in a little olive oil and butter over low to medium heat until completely softened, about fifteen minutes. Add a sprig of rosemary and give it a stir; add one can of crushed tomatoes. Let it simmer for half an hour. Get your boat motor in there and whir it around until it is completely smooth, being careful not to get too much on the walls. If it is an especially emotionally difficult day, strain it through a sieve so that it is not only smooth, but smooth as silk. Add two to three cups of whole milk and some finely shredded parmesan cheese. Serve with grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

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