Heeeeeeer we go….

Jonathan went upstate last night to see which way the sun sets and rises on a piece of land. I am thinking of taking on the challenge of getting New Yorkers to vacation closer to home at a place reachable by train instead of plane, and Jonathan is thinking of building it. He likes the idea of a sort of big barn shape for sleeping, eating, cooking classes and drinking wine on a hillock up in Columbia County. The problem with us is, we have a hard time not going for it. All it takes is “hey you want to put everything we have on the line and try something we have never done before in a place we have never been to”? for me to say, “yea, all right.”
Ferdinand had mashed potatoes, apples and a glass of milk for dinner, and I had mini candy bars from the freezer on the sly and later on, ice cream. If I had made dinner, I would have made it very dependable; food to normalize the situation.
Chicken with dumplings and peach pie.

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  1. What an exciting adventure! Some times life presents opportunities we could never dream up ourselves. Those are the ones that are sent to us for a reason and those are the ones that exceed our expectations! Good luck.

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