dsc_0498.jpgThere are those days you can send you can send your child in and hope for the best and those days you can’t. Ferdinand slept like a slow moving freight train without a muffler until quarter of ten. He walked into the kitchen and put his head on the table. “Mom” he said.
“Ferd” I said, “I have made an executive decision; you can stay home today.” From under his hair he said,
“I need to go to school.”
And then he lifted himself up from his chair and got back in the bed. “All right” he said.

I fixed him a cup mint tea, a glass of orange juice, a sliced banana, a clementine, a peanut butter cookie and tiny piece of chocolate. There is the need for physical restoration, and then there is the need for spiritual restoration. I set up glasses of water and juice boxes wherever my client landed.
By dinnertime he was back. He ate a massive bowl of pasta with broccoli, two boiled eggs, an apple, a carrot, a glass of milk and two more cookies spread sandwiched with Nutella in between.

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