Home on the couch

I have been cooking in Italy for 6 weeks straight, breakfast, dinner and sometimes even lunch, and you would think, you would hope that I could figure out what to make for dinner when I got home. No, I can’t. I went shopping, I bought loads of food, I put it all away, I opened the fridge, I looked in there, I closed the fridge, I opened it again, I opened a few of the drawers down below, lifted up the door on the cheese bit and then asked Ferd if he didn’t want noodles and butter with a yogurt and honey chaser for dinner and a peach for dessert. He said “what about chocolate, why don’t we just have chocolate?”. Fantastic idea. I lied through my teeth and told him people can’t eat chocolate for dinner, it’s not allowed, it’s against the law and reason.
Talking behind the cover of the door of the fridge, I ate my first course of chocolate. I gave a square to Ferdinand and told him he could have it to wake up his taste buds if he swore to Jesus that he would eat the rest of his dinner.
For my second course, I cut up ripe tomatoes and tossed them with ripe olive oil, and sea salt. I ripped some fresh mint over the top and broke up a piece of French feta over the top of that. To top the whole thing, I cubed some baguette left over from breakfast, drizzled it with olive oil, added salt, and sauted them until they were crisp. And that’s it. For dessert I finished Ferd’s yogurt and honey which is beatiful with peaches on the side.

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