Hot, Hot

It is better to arrange food than to cook it when it is seriously hot. I refuse to get more than one burner going at a time after 90 degrees. Make a little rice and black bean salad, and it is worth it to buy the good stuff and use a rice that has not been cooked, mushed and then freeze dried back into rice pellets. I love basmati. Plus, the stuff I buy comes in really cute burlap bags with handles and a zipper that you can recycle as a handbag and fashion accessory. Rinse a can of black beans really well. Put a pot of water on (two and a quarter cups water to one cup rice) along with rice, a drizzle of olive oil, a bay leaf, salt, and a whole, peeled, garlic clove. Cook until just done, covered and without stirring. Remove the aromatics and toss the rice, tasting for salt. Combine the black beans and the rice. Chop a tablespoon of fresh cilantro, slice two or three green onions, and crush a teaspoon of cumin that you have toasted first in a dry heavy saute pan for about 30 seconds. Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice (about one lemon) and a little more olive oil. Taste for salt and black pepper. You can add tiny bits of fresh red pepper to this, or fresh corn that is left over on cobs, or a little shallot. I like to add a tiny bit of fresh orange juice as well and even a little parsley to balance out the cilantro if I have it.
Serve it with guacamole made with two avocados, one minced clove of fresh garlic, the juice of one lime and salt, some tortilla chips, a side of fresh mango chunks.

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