How clean is your house? Really.

If someone came knocking at my door and said, “Ms. Hess,” and I said, “yes?” and they said, “How clean is your house?”  What I should say is, “none of your business.”

What I would say is, “not clean.”

My friend Kelie came over this morning and I did my usual of: clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, vacuum, and then shove everything else in a cabinet or under a blanket.  My husband said to me,

“What if she looks under the blanket”?

“Kelie is my friend! She is not going to LOOK.  She knows what’s under the blanket.  She loves me exactly the same.”

“And so why are you cleaning?”

“Because it’s the right thing to do.”

It’s a fine line, doing what’s the right thing to do until you are a crazy person, and letting it go to stay sane enough to keep your friends.  Which is why I think it’s perfectly A OK to have a lumpy blanket.  And to buy your pizza on a Friday instead of making it from scratch. And so does Kelie.

One thought on “How clean is your house? Really.

  1. That’s why I love my best-est friends… they know what”s “under the blanket” but never look or judge… thank heaven… I love a lumpy blanket!

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