How do you choose?

I have no idea.
I fall in love at every turn with another carrot, or another potato.
Monday I am consumed with stuffing paper thin pockets of pasta with swiss chard and sheep’s milk ricotta and slipping them into a froth of butter and sage leaves as crisp as new ice.
Tuesday I only want swiss chard straight. With garlic.
And olive oil that was just pressed and moves the blood through me like it has never moved before.

As I open my mouth to say, “my heart beats for the single love of roasted apple tart”…before the week is out I am sipping on a demitasse of chocolate soup. And then there is the truth that after imagining every possible option for the Dinner on Thursday, I am exquistely happy with only a glass of wine and a beautiful cheese.
There would be a lot of people who say “SHAME!!” “Make your bed and sleep in it.” “For the love of peas, will you COMMIT?”
No can do.

(Try the chocolate soup. It is so worth saying yes to. Bring a pint of organic cream to a simmer and chop up nearly a pound of bittersweet Belgian chocolate. Pour the cream over the chocolate. You want to pour in enough cream so that the chocolate has the consistency of a loose mayonnaise. Continue to reduce whatever is left of the cream just a little longer. Pour the chocolate into shot glasses or demitasse cups and drizzle with the remaining cream.

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