How do you potato?

I am in the same fashion valley that I have been in since the 8th grade.
A potato has more ways of dressing up than I could ever hope for; it’s like having the Cher doll and all the outfits. You could go Classic American with chopped egg and mayo, a little pickle, onion and celery, Evening Wear Spanish with green olive, red pepper, garlic, onion and parsley, or a German Day Suit, with dill, onion and vinegar. You could mix it up with a garden party theme–fried potatoes with bacon, fresh peas and fried scallions, or roast them and toss with tiny fresh mozarella balls, grape tomatoes and fresh basil. If you just can’t decide and too many choices start blocking the fashion/food highways go for the straight and narrow. There is nothing I love better than Tuscan–warm potato salad dressed with fried garlic and finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Or knock their skins off and go nearly naked–creamy homeade mayonnaise, and nothing else.

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