How to taste olive oil 101

There is a skill in sipping olive oil straight from the cup.  Ideally you want to have a thin glass bowl with no stem, and small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.  Smell the oil first.  The aroma should be very pleasing–of the fruit of the olive and fresh cut grass–it should go straight up your nose.  A lower grade oil will get stuck at the bottom of your nose, and lie flat.  Your lips and mouth will feel greasy and you might wonder what made you ever sip oil in the first place.  A sip from a beautiful oil will go right to the top of your palate and leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.  If it is new it will taste peppery, but never rancid.  The color of a good olive oil can go from green to yellow, opaque or clear depending on the soil and how long the oil has been in the bottle, so don’t think so much about the color initially.  It can be the most confusing element since very often industrial oils have colorants and some very fine oil from Liguria, due to the sandy soil can be quite pale and yellow.  An oil is thick and opaque only at the beginning when it is still full of bits of olive and chlorophyll.  An extra virgin is determined by the pleasing flavor, and a level of oleic acids of less than 0.8%.

Try it, you,ll like it.

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