I don’t care where pudding comes from

Crazy that the best thing in an Italian restaurant was the butterscotch budino (pudding) but it was. other stuff was delicious-brussel sprouts with pancetta and bread crumbs and tarragon, a mozzarella and fontina pizza with garlic, tender as cake meatballs all delivered that appreciation for small plates because it would be hard not to keep on keepin’ on.
But the pudding.
Smooth, creamy via heavy cream vanilla bean flecked butterscotch pudding topped with a not too sweet butterscotch sauce that was whispering scotch whiskey and a dollop of more cream was in the big leagues.
I,ve never seen anything like that signed up in an Italian league, but who cares where you’re from if you’re
The recipes I,m going to try to get it working here:



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