I had to kiss him

I fainted in the shower this morning about fifteen minutes before I was supposed to make my connecting flight to Rome, but I lived, and I’m in Italy, and it is so beautiful, you can’t believe it. As soon as I got to the train station in Rome I went to my favorite dive of a classy bar right across the street. I know you aren’t supposed to mix sandwiches and cappucino, but I did it anyways. I figured the cappucino would help the fainting situation, and I like espresso, but the first coffee of the day has got to have milk, or I feel like a caramelite. The sandwich, oh the sandwich. I had to kiss the guy behind the counter. Ever so tender fresh spinach wilted just enough, with an olive oil that tasted like new grass and the see through slivers of garlic. I could still hear the cow mooing, the mozarella was so fresh, and the whole thing was between crispy chewy light all at the same time, foccacia. I’m taking my people to learn how to make that stuff with the Bonci masters of Montevarchi. I will tell you all the secrets.
love from Mercatale.

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