I served dogs last night

Just in time for Ferd’s birthday, the figs starting ripening on our tree out back, and my favorite way to have them is with raspberries, fresh buffalo mozarella and a spicy basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with a little salt. Now that I’m back on the entertaining circuit, I might just serve them to somebody. For the past twelve years or so, my brain has been otherwise occupied, so I haven’t been able to entertain. Not to mention, for a lot of those years I was either living in a pig sty(not a messy place…a pig sty, with stalls and metal doors) with no running water, or a sub sub let with no forks. Entertaining isn’t always the answer to being relaxed, and I reccommend avoiding it at all costs if it throws you overboard.
These days, I am all right with it. I am like a reborn party planner. I look forward to it. I have easy friends, I have a backyard, I have a fridge with ice that pops out the front, and enough cash to buy loads of beer, bottled water and juice boxes, so that I can be ready for anybody.
I am convinced that the ticket is to go basic. If you have figs ready and hanging off a tree, serve figs, but if you have no gourmet grocery or what you feel most comfortable with is a hot dog, serve hot dogs. It took me way too long to get it, but people don’t care if you serve figs, they just want to have a good time.

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