Tomato Soup (and) I WON!!!

I got an announcement yesterday saying FAYEFOOD has won the USA division of the Gourmand International Cookbook Awards for first cookbook. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I LIKE IT! Thank you, thank you, Mr. Cointreau (president of the award) and everybody else who gave me your vote of support. I toast you, and in honor of winning, I say let’s have some tomato soup!
Give a heavy pot a pour of your finest and favorite olive oil–the kind that sends shivers down your spine and makes the little hairs on your arms stand up. Cut three cloves of garlic in half and tip and tail them (=cut the ends off) and carefully drop them into the oil before it gets too hot. Let them go a gorgeous golden. Add about 5 or six fresh basil leaves and over a very low heat, wait until the leaves are crisp and a translucent green. For fire add three or four flakes or red pepper flakes. Turn off the heat. Empty out San Marzano canned whole tomates into a bowl, one 28 ounce can, and crush them with your hand. Smell that tomato from outside Naples speaking to you. It’s good to touch your food. Empty the tomatoes into your pan of garlic. Cook for about 20 minutes over a medium heat. Season with sea salt. Whir it up with your boat motor, or even better with press it with a food mill if you have the inclination and the patience. Get it back in the pan. Add enough whole milk to make it taste like soup. It’s usually about equal parts tomato to milk, but it’s whatever gets your heart going and if you really want it to race, add a spill of organic heavy cream. Taste again for salt (and black pepper if you have to).
Have it with a warm marinated lentil salad and cheese toast. All available in–you guessed it–FAYEFOOD!!!
This is a great opportunity for all you publishers out there to start calling. I have got my happy music on over here and I’m dancing, but I’ll stop long enough to pick up the phone.

7 thoughts on “Tomato Soup (and) I WON!!!

  1. We are all really proud and excited for you…and Im sure that the Food Network is the next biggy for you. Its only great things from here!!!Congrats!!!!

  2. All your friends in the valley are dancing with joy for you, raising our ‘bag in the box Italian wine’ to the greatst chef in the world and a very special friend! WELL DONE FAYE HESS!

  3. I am thrilled for you! I enjoy so much the cookbook and all the lessons learned from our fabulous week of cooking school in Italy last November.
    Miss you….

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