If all I had to do was cook

that would be one thing.
but I have about 5 hundred billion, 51 million other things to do. Plus whatever I’m forgetting.
For more than a week I have been a little bit frozen like chicken defrosting in the fridge.
On the top of the list of must do’s no matter what to prevent build up of the kind of ice you driver over with a truck:
Take care of the kid
Get out of bed
brush teeth
keep the business running
don’t forget your shoes when you leave the house
eat more than the ends of chocolate snowmen
do at least one thing that you definitely do not want to do on the rest of the list

Facial exercises are on that list but thank God they are all the way at the bottom, because I get cramps every time I try.
Making dinner is on that list and somehow last night I made beef stew for my husband and rice and beans with a squeeze of fresh lime and a spoon of coco lopez while it was cooking with a side of broccoli for the kid. Without even taking the 1 pound of chuck out of the package, season it on both sides with sea salt. Keep one hand clean. Put your clean hand in the flour and pick up what you can. Let it go over the beef and with your salt hand, toss it around. Wash your hands. Heat a dutch oven with a glaze of olive oil and a bit of butter. Add the beef w/a cube of bacon and a wedge of onion or nothing at all. Brown without moving and then flip to do the same to the other side. I saute an onion in a separate saute pan at the same time as I’m browning the beef so that they’re done at the same time. Add a bay leaf, a sprig of parsley and a sprig of thyme to the onion w/a bit of salt and pepper. When the beef is done, give it a good pour of delicious red wine and let the wine simmer for a while. Add the onion, a few green ends of leek, a half a stalk of celery, and enough homemade chicken stock to barely cover the meat. Put it on simmer with a lid askew and let it go for about 2 hours. Make buttery rice on the side.

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