I’m eatin’ breakfast tonight

I am so tired, I have to manually move my mouth with my hands to make the words come out. Taking care of a sick child is exhausting. I have been cooking non stop for a non eater and I have left the house only to shop for more food. I’m not cooking tonight. I have to return library books, go to the grocery store, and then I’m making French toast with the bread left over from breakfast. If you don’t put sugar in it, it’s good with melted cheese on top, and a salad makes it dinner.
For half a loaf of French bread, use three eggs. For every egg, use one Tablespoon of milk, and a teeny weeny pinch of salt. Cut the crusts off, and then slice the bread. Let it sit in the egg until it is soaked through, and then melt some butter, or a little olive oil in a heavy pan. Cook over medium heat until beautifully browned on both sides. Let the cheese melt on top if you want cheese. This is also good with bacon and sauteed mushrooms, but all I’m having is the French toast.

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