I’m tired

I usually tell Ferdinand there is no reason for dropping his chin to his dinner plate and lapping up the food without the help of hands or utensils.
To walk the dog today I would have bumped down the road but that just doesn’t look right. Instead I drove to the park and hired squirrels. Two sets of house guests for the past two weeks with a day in between and for the last few days sleeping on cushions from a chair in the basement; last night I was up at midnight fishing olives from the bottom of a vodka martini for dinner. I’m tired.
Thing is, it’s times like these that you have to entertain. In any kind of emergency cooking or otherwise it’s best to put a pot of water on to boil and start early. I used the water for eggs and filled in with bagels, smoked salmon, tabouleh, hummus, baba ganoush, Libyan strained yogurt, capers, red onions, a platter of cut fruit and champagne and orange juice to blur the edges of the dusty housekeeper (moi) and the house. Went over like a treat. If you can buy from the best the rest is soooo easy. I love you Mr. Sahadis.
Sahadis on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn

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