It was between the car and the computer

The car is lovely as it ever was on the outside. On the inside it’s knocking out it’s final tune of Taps. Ferd wears his walking boots for the morning ride to school just in case we have to call the Last Tow. As of yesterday, I could easily make dinner in the time it took for the computer to take the short walk from Safari to my mailbox.
Jonathan said, “We can get a new computer or a very old car.”
I cannot drive my way to fayefood. I cannot edit on a combustible engine. I feel bad that Ferdinand is going to have to get better boots, but I’ll be right there with him.

It’s soup time. Make your own creamy tomato. Put a boat motor to a can of San Marzano. Heat up a little olive oil in the pan and add a twig of rosemary and one of parsley. Add three fat cloves of garlic, smashed and peeled, but not cut. Get a little color on them. Add the tomatoes. Let the whole thing go for about 5 minutes. Remove the sprig of rosemary. Smash the cloves of garlic with the flat edge of your knife and then add them back to the soup. Add whole milk until it’s the shade you like. Add a little heavy cream if your feet are feeling it. Taste for sea salt and freshly ground pepper. (buy yourself some sea salt if you don’t have it. Yes, it’s worth it and so are you.) Serve with cheese toasties and something deep dark and green.

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