Italy: check

I have pizza dough rising in the oven for Ferdinand and Hotel for Dogs on the kitchen counter to remind Jonathan to take the DVD player with him when he meets Kelie and I downtown to tape the final segment of the Trenesa/Chris episode for Dinner Confidential. Friday night at the movies for Ferdinand is going to have to happen on location, because Mr. Daddy is also Mr. Camera Man. The laundry is done, the dishes are done, my house is swept, I have new mascara and I am SO NERVOUS.
I just have to calm down; I have about as much time for nerves as a mother between contractions.

To Do (before Wednesday) List:

*pack for Italy including aprons, cooking coats, music, class menus and snacks for the plane (for me) and car insurance
*make sure everybody coming from all points has what they need for getting to the house.
*convince all that they should pack/remove half of what they pack. No need for high heels or hair dryers
*don’t forget hat
*tape and edit (I am SOOOO excited!!!!!!!) final segment of Trenesa/Chris episode for Dinner Confidential
*start a new blog called I know; it’s a lot with the taping and the editing and the leaving for Italy but I couldn’t help myself. I got a bee in my bonnet and I just had to do it. I’m going to cook Betty Crocker’s 1956 cookbook, one recipe at a time. I’m doing it for America. We need to remember what we forgot.
*call the dentist, or at least consider it
*rest or sleep or relax or something

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