It’s not normal

I have been obsessed with vegetables like a mad crazy wait outside his door way after you’re usually up just to get you closer, in the pouring rain crush. Which is weird.
We walked past George Clooney’s driveway yesterday and I thought, “I bet George is really happy that I have this thing for vegetation instead of him. It’s better for everybody.”
I ordered a Power Green Salad at Hugo’s in Studio City with chopped up broccoli, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, avocado and sesame seeds and washed it down with a cloud of African tea. I ordered beets and walnuts and arugula and goat cheese at a cafe on the edge of the Pacific after skipping over magical hippy bridges crossing the Venitian canals, and I’ve been snacking on curried Kale chips, baby carrots and clementines and apples.
I’m not saying I gave up coffee or pork cheeks or jelly beans. I just can’t get enough of anything that started as a seed.

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