It’s the thought that counts

Can I just say that getting where you are going is not always the easy part.

A. Don’t ever special order the vegetarian on Virgin. There were no treats. Being vegetarian (which I’m not, but I like to special order every once in a while), does in no way mean you don’t need treats as much as the next guy.

B. Avoid a layover that includes changing airports, although pret manger is a great distraction if you happen have an extra 6 hours.
C. Ice cream in Rome is all it’s meant to be when you have been traveling for 24 hours and you need something to help you make it to 25.

My friend Caroline has made it so much better by making me entirely welcome into my home on a Tuscan hillside for the next 6 weeks. I have already had cups of tea and wine lunch and all I had to offer was a flattened Cadbury bar that I bought her in the airport.

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