Jamina Oliver

It’s true, I have committed myself to be co-president of the P.T.A.. It’s for my son–proud member of the candy toting, cheap-chip chewing, chocolate for lunch set. And among other things, I am taking on the challenge of going right to the source and convincing the card carriers of this set to change their tune to the love of local apples, shunning sugar and making their own dinner menus.

My first inspiration: food on a stick. Check the bags of children when they pack their own lunch–it’s all about convenience and occassionally shock value. Favorites can run from chicken nuggets to psycholdelic gel worms, which on the plus side, leaves the possibility of a whole range in between.
Tomorrow for Ferd’s lunch: corn on the cob, cut into two inch sections–on a stick. Roasted beets (taste like candy) which leave the mouth an attention getting magenta–on a stick. Turkey dog–on a stick. Apple chunks with a peanut butter and honey dip–on a stick.

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