Keep walking

It’s been 28 days since I last posted.
Here’s the update. May as well just lay it out.
The lease has been signed. Tables have been built, walls have been painted, the oven arrived. All other equipment is on hold by the broker, waiting
for a fridge so it can all be shipped at once.
The IRS is on furlough which is putting a wrench the size of a swollen cyst in my get-the-cafe-open-check-list.
I got back from teaching in France for two weeks, two days ago. It was beautiful. It always is.
My husband has moved out.

I don’t know what to say about that last one.

Except that I had no idea.

What are you going to do? There is a road in front of you and you can stand still or keep walking.

I cooked up a massive amount of cavolo nero with garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes. Ferd wouldn’t go for it. I made him chicken meatballs w/rosemary and sage instead.

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