Kick the snacks and make a stock

Here’s what’s going to change your cooking without ever going to a cooking class. It’s going to cost a little bit, but kick packaged snacks to the curb for just one week, and use your saved up cash to buy yourself some good olive oil. You know it’s good if it tastes like an olive, and it doesn’t feel like gasoline on your lips.

Buy good bread.

Make your own stock. For goodness sakes all you need are some raw bones or even a few chicken legs, a carrot, an onion, a piece of celery and a sprig of parsley. Cook it for a few hours and strain. We can get more complicated later. I have one thing to say about stock cubes. Throw them away.

If the only way you can get chicken stock is to add a cube, use plain old water instead. If you think I’m hard headed you’re right.
There’s just some things in life you have to stand up for and stick by.

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