La torta al testo; La Vita piu bella

I just drank way too much wine. We went to learn how to make torta al testo, a flat round bread made on a stone in the fire, with Francesca Carlotti. She doesn’t talk near as much as I do, so I figured if I drank just a little more wine, I could fill in any and all empty spaces. The flour was poured onto the board, the baking powder added to that with a pinch of salt, then the water, and knead, knead, knead until it was dough. And Faye talked the whole way through. Meanwhile, a stone cut from a much larger piece that came from deep within the earth, was heated by the coals. When the a sprinkle of flour was nicely browned within a second, it was ready, and the dough was rolled out with a rolling pin the size of a pool noodle. The move is a beautiful one. You spin the pin right up to your elbow. Dough on the stone, then an old lid from a pot ontop of that, and finally hot coals over the whole thing, until the bread is flipped to cook the other side. We stuffed it with prosciutto and capacolo. You don’t need anything more. I have to say, I’m happy.

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